Oneballjay is solely owned and operated by Matt Cummins and Bryan Rushforth.

Oneballjay began as an experimental surf wax project in 1982-83 when Jay Rota and Matt Cummins were introduced to surfing by Mike Olson and Peter Saari of Gnu Snowboards. During the summer, skateboarding was their main focus and surfing proved to be a fresh alternative. In the midst of surfing and driving to the beach, they decided to try making their own surf wax. Their first concoctions of surfing wax were terrible. The wax was dubbed "sap wax" because it contained mineral oil, bees wax and tree sap.

"We made our own snowboards and bindings so we thought we better make some wax to go with it." "We never had much of a job or money so we built the boards out of an old tree fort.” They started to produce a few wax bars at a time. Mike and Peter from Gnu were given bars to try. They suggested they call the wax, “Oneballjay” due to Jay’s injury skateboarding.

In 1988 Northwest Snowboards opened in Tacoma. Paul Ferrell was a friend of Matt's and was working at the shop. Paul and Matt would make wax in the back of the shop. As Paul and Matt became more involved in snowboarding, they decided to put Oneball on the back burner and pursue careers in snowboarding. Within a couple years, they were getting free boards from Gnu and traveling to enter competitions. Although Matt was consumed by snowboarding, he still wanted to keep Oneball running. Bryan Rushforth was delivering flowers and had $3,000 to buy half the company, so Bryan set-up shop in his Mom’s garage. Before long they built their first wax factory under a skateboard ramp on Matt’s parents property. Many moves, fires, and wind storms later, Oneballjay is manufactured in Belfair Washington and is sold world wide.