POW Gloves was first dreamt about in 1997 on a road trip to a ski resort in Washington State. Our commitment to the vision of advancing glove technology for the winter sport glove market is driven by performance feedback from our staff, team riders, and, most importantly, our customers. We are dedicated to providing quality “Built to Last” products to the snowsport enthusiast that enhances their lifestyle.

We live and use what we build. Cold, wet hands can ruin a great day of riding. This is common where we live and why we decided to get in to the glove business in the first place. With the variable Pacific Northwest weather as our proving grounds, every model in our line is designed to keep your hands warm and dry “All Day, Every Day” of the season.

Each product POW designs and builds is with the utmost detail to function and its intended functional use. Employing time tested and performance proven materials like technical synthetic fabrics, full grain grade “A” leather, GORE-TEX® brand technology, and practical innovative designs, POW delivers a superior product to help keep you on the hill longer and stronger.

POW is a GLOVE-SPECIFIC brand, focused entirely on making the highest preforming, durable, and well styled handwear for those who demand it. While other companies produce a multitude of other categories, with gloves being merely an afterthought, POW remains committed solely to gloves, which uniquely enables us to do it better than the rest.